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absolute, arcadian, arrant, bright, bucolic, classical, complete, conserved, consummate, crass, decided, definitive, downright, egregious, flagrant, fresh, genuine, glaring, gross, harmless, homespun, immaculate, inartificial, intact, intolerable, inviolate, kept, mint, native, natural, naturelike, out-and-out, outright, pastoral, perfect, positive, precious, preserved, pristine, profound, pronounced, proper, protected, rank, regular, rural, saved, scatheless, shattering, shocking, spared, spotless, stainless, stark, stark-staring, superlative, surpassing, the veriest, thorough, thoroughgoing, total, unadorned, unaffected, unartificial, unassuming, unbearable, unbroken, unbruised, unconscionable, uncorrupted, undamaged, undefaced, undeformed, undemolished, undeniable, undesigning, undestroyed, undisguising, undissembling, undissimulating, unembellished, unequivocal, unfaded, unfeigning, unharmed, unhurt, unimpaired, uninjured, unmaimed, unmangled, unmarked, unmarred, unmitigated, unpolluted, unpretending, unpretentious, unqualified, unrelieved, unscarred, unscathed, unscratched, unshattered, unstained, unsullied, untainted, untapped, untorn, untouched, unvarnished, unwithered, unworn, utter, virgin, virginal, well-conserved, whole

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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